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A beautiful bronzed goddess glow. A customised colour to suit your skin.

At Bronzing on Macleay, we use our own bespoke botanic solution. It produces an express, natural, long lasting “just off the beach” tan and delivers a blend of vitamins and antioxidants to boost your skin’s glow.

The all natural and organic formula works with the skin, creating a customisedshade of colour every time.

We cater for all skin types and leave you with a beautiful bronzed goddess glow.

Tanning Tips to follow pre-appointment.


DO shave/or remove hair prior to tan

DO exfoliate 24 hours before tanning to remove any dead skin cells and/or previous tan


DO wear loose clothing

DON’T moisturise or wear deodorant or perfume prior to tanning.

DON’T shower, exercise vigorously, sweat or get wet for a least 2-8 hours after your spray tan


DO keep your skin hydrated by moisturising daily. This will help maintain your tan

DON’T wax or shave after tan. This will remove the tan

DON’T use soaps or body washes all over the body, only the important areas

DON’T have long hot showers/baths or partake in prolonged swimming to lengthen your tan

DON’T use oils on the skin after tanning, this will strip your tan and make it look uneven